A letter to the Gorrilla

A letter to the Gorilla

by elizabeth


1 big day

2 wating so long

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Chapter 1

big day

one day there was a garilla. he loved his mail so much he ceped (kept) the mail in his gient (giant) closet. he had loved the warm sun so he can get more and more mail. he wanted to have a big big and bigger mail so he played with all it until… “ding dong” mail, the garilla ran in a flash. no matter how hard he tried he[:)] smiled.

chapter2 wating so long

today it rain he wated so long he whated then he got a letter from hes cusint then he read it and it said: dear garilla plese come to my house for a sleep over my mom said you can so plese come ask your mom love dog. he liked that idea so he got hes p.j. hes tooth brush and a book to read he told hes mom and dad to tak him in hes car thay went to hes cusents house he came and saw hes cusents the dog mom said lets read a story. i have a story said garilla good what is it about asked sheep it is about rivers he started to read the end