Adventure EP 5 the big bad rooster

PREVIEWS the little girls name is Lizzy and the puppies name is shy shy 

The cats name is Calico 

The ducks name is quack 

The baby (now huge)chicks name is falcon

It has been a while and you know what happens,they get older shy shy  is now 6 months old calico is 4 years old the duck is 4 Years old but the baby chick is not a baby any more he is a monster. He is a big bad rooster. the rooster is trying to crow but it sounds like a dying cow so we take him to the vet to see what was wrong. he was actually just learning. so he tried to escape the vet but the vet got up and ran after him and caught him. He just wanted to go home. He fell right to sleep and never crowed until he was an adult .


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