My present

Today is my birthday i’m going to have muffins and presents. Before my birthday my dad got me a bow and some arrows. I always wanted one i gave my dad a hug . THE END






two by two

God sent two of every animal to Noah’s ark. Giraffes and sheep, moose and parrots came from far and wide. Bumblebees came buzzing. Two hippos arrived with pink flamingos balancing on their backs! Just as the last animals aboard, the began to fall.

I love tails

How do i love you? well,for a start, your in my mind…and in my heart. Stay for a minute or two or three… our love is perrfect- dont you agree? I love roses pink and sweet. Here is a bouquet for you- my treat! Dont be sad, dont be blue. You love me and i love ewe! A doggy with a bunny hat! Now what do you think of that? Whether hanging out together, or cuddling in a cup… Our love is special. It fills my heart right up! I am feeling really lucky- my love for you is ducky! Big or little,short or tall, to all my friends:i love you all! I mooved  by all the things you do.My love, ive got my eyes on you! some people wear their heart on there sleeves. Some keep it close to the vest. But i want to give my heart to you- for the love you the best! THE END!!!! IF YOU WANT MORE STICK ON MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My brother loves trains he makes them crash and bash and splash.

I made my brother come outside to play but he kept play trains and crashed and bashed and splashed antil bonk he hit hes head on the wall. what was that?I said my brother probably but no he was stuck in a inch of books i ran where he plays but all i saw where just a pile of books i looked and started to pick up i heard streaming then when i picked a book up i saw hair it was my brother i cleaned up and told my brother not to play near the books but the next day he did it again omg i said THE END

My Birthstone

My birthday is November 8th, 2006. My birthstone is Topaz or Citrine. Citrine crystals are found in igneous metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

Topaz is a gemstone available in a rich rainbow of colors. The most beautiful color of topaz is called imperial topaz. Topaz also comes in yellow,pink ,purple,orange,and the many other popular blue tones.

Citrine crystals are found near lava rock in Brazil, Bolivia, and Spain.

Citrine was used in jewelry mostly with gold because of the color. It was believed to have magical powers and used as medicine. It gives hope and strength.


By liz / Elizabeth

The tiger

chapter 1 the tigers big dinner                               ones a poan a time there was a chicken and a tiger hes mom tryed to kill the tiger but the tiger ate the mom so he had a big dinner. chapter 2 the running  boy      then there was a boy named tony he had a pet horse he rode hes horse to the tigers house he saw the tiger so he ran. chapter 3 a run for it he saw the tine chicken and he put the chicken in a cage he put the chicken had fun because their were more chickens.   THE END

A letter to the Gorrilla

A letter to the Gorilla

by elizabeth


1 big day

2 wating so long

This book belongs to:


Chapter 1

big day

one day there was a garilla. he loved his mail so much he ceped (kept) the mail in his gient (giant) closet. he had loved the warm sun so he can get more and more mail. he wanted to have a big big and bigger mail so he played with all it until… “ding dong” mail, the garilla ran in a flash. no matter how hard he tried he[:)] smiled.

chapter2 wating so long

today it rain he wated so long he whated then he got a letter from hes cusint then he read it and it said: dear garilla plese come to my house for a sleep over my mom said you can so plese come ask your mom love dog. he liked that idea so he got hes p.j. hes tooth brush and a book to read he told hes mom and dad to tak him in hes car thay went to hes cusents house he came and saw hes cusents the dog mom said lets read a story. i have a story said garilla good what is it about asked sheep it is about rivers he started to read the end

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